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At Mottram Associates, we pride ourselves on customer service, our expertise, our ability to troubleshoot problems and to produce intelligent, cost-effective solutions.

We enforce the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and professionalism – working within and applying the Construction Design & Management (CDM) Regulations, the Disability Discrimination Act, British Standards and the SAFed Lift Guidance Notes.

We keep a finger on the pulse of lift industry technology, corporate happenings, legislative changes and financial intelligence to ensure it stays that way.

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“Mottram Associates have good professional knowledge of the lift industry and have been invaluable in providing technical support. Highly recommended.”
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Trust


“We received a prompt response to our request and received good communications from the business. We were provided with a professional report following their survey.”.
Eric Wright Facilities Management


"Mottram Associates have provided Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust with an efficient lift maintenance service for several years. During this time, Mottram Associates have shown themselves to be professional and very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of passenger and goods lifts. These efficiencies have resulted in a financial saving to the trust which is born out with a reduction in issues raised by the insurance inspectorate. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for engagement."
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


“Attention to detail at critical points ensured smooth delivery. All members of the Mottram team were very approachable, competent and pro-active.”
Gwynedd Council


“Mottram Associates provided a first rate service from survey through to handover of the lift doors refurbishment in our hospital, as the site is a single lift building the duration of the work was crucial as we were closed, The project was well planned, ran on time and commissioned / handed over 1 day early.”
Nuffield Health


“The introduction of the web portal was a significant step forward in insurance reporting. Mottrams took the initiative to go and do this of their own backs and I believe it was a great step forward. In all my dealings with consultants none of them had ever came with this and it was always what was needed. Everything that was required was done and there was that little bit more in added value. Meetings were carried out professionally and all reports were done on time. There wasn’t an attitude of money making and I believe Mottrams gave that bit more than required. I would like to say that all my dealings with Mottrams were a good experience and Sharleen in particular responded to my own and Mark’s queries instantly. Her attention to detail and response was first class. Unfortunately this contract ended not by our choice but our customer’s, and City wouldn’t have ended it as we had started to make some real progress in the last 12 months. I believed the next 12 would have made more of an impact but we weren’t given the chance collectively. I am sure we will work together at some time in the future again and I will certainly recommend Mottrams to any other potential customers if they required these service.”
City Facilities Management



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Why Mottram?

You benefit from unrivalled expertise in the lift industry which can mean:
  1. Potentially substantial capital and operational cost savings.
  2. Peace of mind on best-fit solutions and legislative compliance.
  3. Improved efficiency through traffic flow studies and reduced downtime.
  4. Saved executive time and hassle - we take the burden.
  5. Personal service and ongoing support.